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[06 Dec 2005|12:22pm]

The fan over my stove is on.
I was boiling water to make ramen-in-a-cup and didn't want the steam to make the fake-wood wallpaper on the cabinets peel, so I turned the fan on. I've been sitting here listening to it, still on long after the ramen was prepared and eaten, debating whether I should go turn it off. Then I stared at it. Then I thought, hey, I'll write about this in livejournal.

Thus, entry.

I love ramen. I was making some yesterday for Don and I.

He watched me, cried "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? You can't even make RAMEN right!"

I was hurt and offended.

I can't believe Don made fun of me just because he can cook more things than I can. I'm still good at what I CAN cook.

Men have fought and died over my scrambled eggs with cheese. I have caused wars simply by microwaving popcorn. My ravioli boils perfectly. The bottoms of my frozen dinners are NEVER cold coming out of the microwave. And my ramen? Just the right amount of flavor and heat.
I'm trying to think of other examples of my expertise, but the fan is distracting me.

Don apologized, but my wounded soul is not mended. You cruel, heartless boy.

...see if I make YOU food ever again...
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[06 Dec 2005|10:45am]

I work as a server, but am considering changing to perhaps stripper. Then at least I'd be PAID for dirty men leering at me, and if they got rowdy the bouncer could kick their ass out...

Why do men suck?
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